Seniors Golf at Donnington Valley

Seniors' Section

Members of Donnington Valley Golf Club are classed as seniors on reaching the age of 55 in terms of eligibility for competitions.

Currently 30% of the membership of the Club qualify as Senior Members and of these a substantial number are men but the numbers of lady members in this category is growing both through new membership and existing members achieving qualifying age. Not only do the senior members of the Club have their interests represented at Committee level by the gents and ladies Captains, they also have their own Captain to represent their interest and promote their cause.

How The Seniors' Section Works

The Senior Captain organises certain club Competitions which are exclusive to Senior Members and also organises the Seasonal Inter Club Matchplay Competitions.

At the start of each week a substantial number of senior men meet at 8am on a Monday morning throughout the year for a competitive yet very social game of golf.


The course is shortened to 15 holes with a two tee start. This provides an opportunity for those golfers less able to comfortably complete eighteen holes of golf to take part in some competitive golf and also ensures that everybody is away by lunchtime to get on with other activities.

This Monday Group which has been meeting for some considerable time is known as the DOGGS. (Its full title is the Donnington Old Gentlemen’s Golfing Society) It is self regulating and because of the shortened course runs its own handicap system. The nominal small entry on the day is redistributed as prizes to provide a competitive edge to the occasion. Various formats of golf, many of them team events drawn on the day, ensure that any new members are quickly drawn into the group and that players of all ability play together.


There are also a number of singles, doubles and eclectic competitions run throughout the year. A modest pound on joining the DOGGS ensures insurance against a hole in one and this has protected the pockets of quite a number of players. This is a very popular gathering which provides interaction amongst the senior members of the Club both on the golfing front and often leads to other social activities. During the year the DOGGS meet up with the lady members of the Club (fondly nick named the DOLLS) for a golfing morning followed by lunch. These ‘DOGGS and DOLLS’ days are also very popular and well supported events promoting the community feeling of the Club. Joining the Club and playing with the DOGGS is an excellent way for anyone taking up golf at a later stage in life to benefit from playing with experienced players in competitive golf.

All in all being a Senior Member at Donnington Valley Golf Club is a very rewarding experience so if you would like further information please call Peter Smith, Golf Club Manager on 01635 568144 or email and he will arrange for the Seniors Captain to contact you.

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