What's Important Around Here and Recognition

What's Important around Here

"What’s Important around Here "is that all our activities have the guests at the centre of them. We are flexible enough to accommodate their individual needs but still efficient enough to cope with the demands of running a busy operation profitably in an excellent manner. All our teams need to feel valued and think that they are playing as equal a part in the success of our business as each other.


SURE (Support, Understanding, Respect and Excellence) is definitely a way of having an enjoyable and successful time at work. Everyone who works for us should think of us as fair & reasonable employers who offer development opportunities and a learning environment for those who want it, and a pleasant, good humoured working environment for all.

We need to be open, honest, polite and respectful with each other, and we need to have some fun as we do spend a lot of time here. We need to do all of this in a manner which gives all our stakeholders a reasonable return for their investment. That’s guests, owners, managers and staff.

Staff are asked to behave at work with SURE in mind:

SURE Awards

Each month Managers are asked to put forward staff members, who have displayed one or more of the SURE atrributes, for a SURE Award. The awards are given to employees each quarter, and there is also an Employee of the Year event, which all SURE Award winners are invited to attend. The Employee of the Year wins a trip to the Peter Michael Winery in California.


Each member of staff who joins Donnington Valley will have a three week, three month, and then an annual review with their manager to review their performance and set goals and objectives for the months or year ahead. Regular one to one, team meetings and team outings also take place to encourage feedback within each department, strengthen team relationships, and in general improve the way we work.

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