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Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates is a British Brand based on the traditional principles of aromatherapy developed by Marguerite Maury in the 1950's. Eastern and Western massage techniques are combined to stimulate the nervous system to release congestion and re-balance areas of the body affected by physical or mental stress. At the same time, the essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream enhancing cell renewal, circulation and detoxification, while their aromas act on the deepest parts of the brain to enhance our mood and emotions.

Aromatherapy Associates offer a comprehensive selection of facials to suit every individual's needs. No matter what a client's skin type, our facials work to encourage their complexion's natural radiance. With their rejuvenating properties, essential oils are used to improve skin condition through stimulating circulation and lymph flow.

Facial and Body Treatments

The Essentials Facial

55mins | £69 / £79

If you are looking for a treatment that restores radiance or brightens the complexion, this is the treatment for you.  Luxurious essential oils, long known for their holistic properties help condition, deeply nourish or balance the skin. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.

Soothing Facial

55mins | £69 / £79

A truly soothing and calming facial suitable for irritated or inflamed skin, helping to reduce redness, nourish, soothe and restore the skin’s natural radiance. This unique facial incorporates cold stones during the facial massage designed to calm and soothe the skin.

Express Bespoke Facial

25mins | £37 / £42

A bespoke facial, specially designed to suit your individual skin needs. This express treatment will give your skin an instant glow.

De-Stress Back, Face and
Scalp Treatment

1hr 20mins | £95 / £105

The treatment commences with cleansing, exfoliation and massage to the back, combining oils of rosemary, ginger and black pepper to ease the muscles and clear the mind. The Aromatherapy Associates Skin Solutions facial is then carried out to leave the complexion instantly bright and radiant.

Inner Strength!

90 mins | £95 / £105

The Inner Strength treatment is ideal for anyone experiencing their own personal trauma, or simply those needing a nurturing treatment to help draw upon their inner strength.

The treatment begins with a frankincense inhalation, followed by a foot cleanse with heated mitts. A rich, deeply nourishing oil, is then applied to the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, followed by paraffin wax, renowned for its comforting properties. The back and legs are then treated to a deeply nurturing massage with Inner Strength Body Oil, followed by the application of paraffin wax. The treatment goes on to work on the face and scalp, including the incorporation of hot stone placement and massage techniques designed to deeply comfort, nurture and support.

A deeply comforting treatment that will help deliver a deep sense
of peace when it’s needed most.

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Aromatherapy Associates Body Treatments

Intensely Nourishing Hair Treatment

25mins | £37 / £42

Richly scented essential oils are massaged into the hair, releasing tension, conditioning the scalp and leaving hair super-shiny, glossy and nourished. We recommend leaving the oils in overnight for best results.

Aching Foot Relaxer

25mins | £37 / £42

Relieve tired and aching feet with this wonderfully relaxing treatment. A cleansing foot ritual with exfoliation to boost circulation with an intense massage up to the knees combining essential oils of black pepper, ginger and rosemary.

Bespoke Skin Polish

25 mins | £37 / £42

An all-over body exfoliation and layering of richly nourishing products to leave the skin looking radiant and feeling wonderfully smooth.

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience

55mins | £72 / £82
1hr 20mins | £95 / £105

This hero treatment releases tension held in every part of the body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. Carefully applied pressures stimulate the nervous system, Swedish and neuromuscular techniques relieve muscular tension and lymphatic drainage helps encourage a healthy circulation. With expert advice from your therapist, you will choose a signature oil blend best adapted to your emotional and physical needs. We have 12 award-winning essential oil blends, each formulated with natural plant and flower oils, with powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mind. This intense massage ritual will dissolve your strains and stresses away.

Clear Your Mind Ritual

1hr 50mins | £133 / £143

The perfect ritual for those feeling the ill-effects of stress and a hectic lifestyle. Traditional aromatherapy massage, fused with ayurvedic scalp and facial massage using our award-winning De-Stress Mind Oil, will help clear your mind and refocus your thoughts. We hope to alleviate your stresses and pressures and get you back
on track in no time.

Immune Recovery

55mins | £72 / £82

Cleansing, clearing and decongesting, this upper body treatment helps clear the mind and support the immune system. A back, face and scalp massage, using our powerful eucalyptus and pine essential oil blends, will help decongest and alleviate the symptoms of flu or seasonal allergies. 

Use this treatment to boost your immune system to help recover from cold and flu or seasonal allergies.

Intense Muscle Release

55mins | £72 / £82

An intensive and restorative massage that works deeply into stiff, tight, aching muscles. Swedish and cross muscle fibre massage techniques are combined with
our internationally acclaimed De-Stress Muscle Gel and Oil to instantly release
pain and tension.

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