Classic Cocktails

Classic Cocktails and how to make them.

As summer arrives, the idea of relaxing in the garden with a nice refreshing cocktail becomes more tempting. So I thought I would share a few classic recipes to kick-start the summer season.

Classic tequila margarita

• 45ml Tequila
• 15ml cointreau
• ½ lime (squeezed)
• Salt or sugar rimmed martini glass

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with plenty of cubed ice, shake away and strain into a chilled martini or margarita glass garnish with a lime segment. There are many variations on the classic margarita for example neat (which this one is) frozen or on the rocks or if you just prefer it a little sweeter add a dash of sugar syrup to even it out.

Harvey Wallbanger

• 100ml orange juice
• 15ml Galliano
• 15ml vodka
• Orange segment

Add the orange juice and vodka into a tall cocktail glass and stir well with several ice cubes, float the Galliano on top and garnish with the orange segment, perfect for any party!

Feels like holiday

• 15ml vodka
• 10ml grenadine
• 100ml champagne/prossecco

With ice stir together the vodka and grenadine, pour into a champagne flute (without ice) and top up with the champagne/prossecco.

Perfect on those nights where a glass of wine just won’t do!

Kirsty Smith

Assistant Bar Manager