National Chocolate Week

National Chocolate Week

National chocolate week starts on Monday 14th October and so to celebrate all things chocolate we have created a chocolate afternoon tea which will be available at the Donnington Valley all week.

Kelvin and the team here at Donnington are all great lovers of chocolate and regular guests of the hotel will no doubt remember and be looking forward to our holiday homage to chocolate; giant Easter bunnies, haunted houses and reindeers to name just a few of the recent displays.

Working with chocolate is not just for us professionals though, there is now a huge range of cooking and eating chocolates available for you to get creative with at home.

My advise is to always try to use the best quality chocolate you can afford. A high-quality chocolate will make a distinctive, crisp, snap when broken and will shatter cleanly. It will also start to melt very quickly when holding it.

You are looking for anything with a high percentage of cocoa ideally, over 70% and it shouldn’t contain anything that you don’t recognize by name. If there is a long list of  ‘e’ numbers you may want to think again.

Chocolate brownies, cakes and cookies are always popular around here but chocolate is a very versatile ingredient. A good quality bitter chocolate with rich tangy tastes can accompany a meat dish beautifully, try a chocolate and cherry sauce on top of your venison steak or add chocolate and chilli to a beef casserole for a fantastic depth of flavour.

For bigger groups wanting to learn more about cooking with chocolate we run chocolate demonstrations here at the hotel so give us a ring if you are interested in learning more.

In the meantime I hope to see you all next week for our special chocolate afternoon tea!
Sally Russell
General Manager.