Spoil your Loved one This Valentine’s Day

Treat your Valentine to breakfast in bed

Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day

You have by now of course bought your loved one that special gift and arranged something suitably romantic to do in the evening but how about starting the day in the most romantic day, a beautiful breakfast in bed. Surely there is nothing better than waking up with the special person and sharing a tray of lovingly prepaired breakfast with the morning papers?

Start with something elegant and healthy, breakfast trifles served in martini glasses. Cut up strawberries and throw into the bottom of the glass with blueberries and any of your other favourite fruits, spoon over some natural Greek yoghurt and then sprinkle with granola, then repeat, fruit, yoghurt, granola. Complete the dish by decorating the top layer with some of the fruit, some toasted almonds flakes, a good squeeze of honey and you are done.

My other favourite which will accompany this nicely is a classic; smoked salmon and scrambled eggs and the key here is nice fluffy eggs. Melt butter into a pan until it starts to foam and at the same time break eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk. Add the eggs to the butter and stir continuously with a wooden spoon over a moderate heat. When the eggs start to form turn the heat off, they will continue to cook in the hot pan so leave them a little bit underdone. Cut up smoked salmon and chives and add to the eggs with salt and pepper giving it one last good mix. You can then serve over your favourite toasted bread, my choice is always a hot English muffin dripping in butter.

To add that extra special touch you could garnish with a little salmon rose which is easy to do than it sounds. Cut the smoked salmon into long strips about an inch wide and then just roll them up, starting tightly for the centre and then loosening up as you go to create a petal effect. Use more chives or a piece of chervil for the green leaves and there you have a tasty, romantic breakfast.

And if you have nowhere to drive to serve the whole lot with blood orange mimosa’s, blood oranges are in season just now and will  certainly wake up the tastes buds when freshly squeezed and  mixed with cold prosecco.

All that’s left is to fight over who gets the washing up!

Of course if that all sounds like too much effort to go to first thing. You could really push the boat out andtreat your loved one to a night away and our Valentine’s break is just the ticket. We can even help you arrange a few extra surprises for when you arrive.

Kelvin Johnson
Head Chef