Summer Sundays mean BBQ at Donnington Valley

BBQ at Donnington Valley

Summer is coming and I already have my barbecue out and ready (come on sunshine!). There is something very satisfying about being outdoors with family and friends enjoying a cold drink amongst the unmistakable smoky aroma of a good barbecue.

Local award winning brewery West Berkshire Brewery have come up with a wonderful Bavarian inspired pilsner called Isis which is just perfect for this occasion. Its a hay-coloured beer brewed using English lager malts and Continental hops to give a crisp flavour and woody bitterness so it really compliments the grilled foods.

For me it is all about keeping it simple but adding in lots of big flavours, a firm favourite is a big king prawn which has been marinated for about thirty minutes in olive oil, garlic, Dijon mustard and lots of lemon zest. It really simple to make the marinade and then you just pop them on the grill for 3-5 minutes and they are ready to be eaten, its messy getting the shells off but well worth it!

Don’t be afraid to experiment away from the usual meats too, fruits and vegetables work fantastically over a barbecue.

Cut up some big chunks of peeled pineapple and mix them up with lots of sugar, lemon juice and a good splash of rum, then simply skewer them and cook until they start to caramelize. I like to enjoy them straight off the grill with a good vanilla ice cream; a beautiful adult dessert.

My absolute favorite though and so simple is some of our local Cobbs Farm asparagus put straight on the barbecue with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Ready in 3 – 4 minutes and served with a lemon mayonnaise dip. It takes minutes and is as fresh as a daisy.

Why not come along to our Father’s Day BBQ

15th June, 1pm – 4pm

All the Barbeque meats that Dad loves, marinated and grilled, but unlike Dad’s… it won’t be burnt! Enjoy along with a selection of summer salads and vegetables and a dessert buffet. And as a present for Dad, a selection of locally brewed and bottled ales.

£25.00 per person for 3 courses
Children under 16 years, £15.00 per person

Call us to book on 01635 551199

Kelvin Johnson
Head Chef