Corporate Golf Days

Corporate Golf Days

Following on from last weeks blog on activities to team with meetings we thought we would give you our top tips for organising a successful and memorable corporate golf day.

Surely its just an excuse for a day out of the office?

Just think, when else would you be able to put so much time aside to spend with your clients in one day? You might be able to squeeze in the odd hour meeting here and there but more often than not one or both parties then have another appointment straight after the first adding additional time constraints. On a corporate golf day you have a number of hours in a relaxed environment to build and strengthen relationships with your clients as well as thanking them for their custom and loyalty.

See your corporate golf day as a way to reinforce your brand and take the opportunity to display your branded items on and around the course in the form of branded flags, golf balls and banners displayed around the course. Of course you will probably want to talk “shop” during the course of the day remember the golf course is not the place for the hard sell.

So how can I ensure my corporate golf day is a success?

Start planning your golf day well in advance. We have bookings placed for corporate golf events sometimes over a year in advance. Book early to ensure that your chosen date is available. On selecting the date for your event remember to consider when school holidays, and other key events are due to take place so that they don’t clash. Also consider the amount of daylight hours. Typically corporate golfing events take place in the spring and summer months ensuring longer hours of daylight and if the British weather chooses to oblige milder temperatures.

Ensure that your event is professionally run.

Remember that this event will reflect on your company and brand. Ensuring that an experienced team professionally runs your event means that you can relax and concentrate your efforts on your guests.

Think about the extras

Why not consider hiring a pro golfer for the day? They could offer hints and tips to your guests and even accompany you out on the course enabling everyone to benefit from some professional coaching and advice.

Don’t forget the prize!

Everyone has a competitive streak in them. Providing prizes at the end of the day ensures that day finished on a high note, giving everyone a last chance to get together perhaps at the nineteenth hole.

Corporate Golf Day packages at Donnington Valley start at £56 per person. This includes a fully managed event where everything is taken care of by our experienced golf events team. All you need to do is provide us with the names of players, handicaps and who will play together and then you can simply leave the rest to us.
We will take care of everything including:

  • Scorecard preparation 
  • Start sheet showing tee times, groupings etc.
  • Provide a starter on the tee
  • Checking all scorecards
  • Production of a results sheet
  • Private rooms for registration and meals

Contact us on 01635 568144 
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to discuss your requirements.

Peter Smith
Director of Golf