Golf and Your Business

Golf and Business

As any keen golfer or business person knows, deals can be made and lost over 18 holes. Getting outside at the end of your meeting or conference is a great way to relieve any stress and socialise with your clients and colleagues leaving them and yourself with a positive and memorable experience. If your game is a little rusty after the long, cold and wet winter months, fear not as we have some top tips for getting you back into the swing of the game this spring.

  • Practice makes perfect. Head out to the driving range to work on your swing.
  • Get active. Head out on walks as early in the year as possible to get you ready for walking the course. A great way to stay fit whilst enjoying your game.
  • Head for the nearest putting green to work on your short game. Focusing on your core can help to relieve back pain you may experience whilst sat at your desk or boardroom table.

And once you are out on the course:

  • Be sure to pay close attention to the direction of your club head, as it’s the direction of the head that will determine where your ball will go.
  • The shot is not over when you make contact with the ball. Working on your follow through is an important part of your game. Any inconsistency in your stance or grip will show up there. If you have a nicely consistent follow through chances are your back swing and the all-important moment of contact will also be consistent.
  • Work on your grip. Find a grip that works for you and work at perfecting it.

We cant wait to see you out on the course. And this spring, after your meeting at Donnington Valley Hotel, come and play Monday – Thursday afternoons and enjoy a four ball game for the price of three*. Call to book your meeting at Donnington Valley on 01635 551199

Just quote “Spring Golf” when booking your meeting with the events team.

*subject to availability until 30/5/14. Golf tee times can be booked a maximum of 14 days in advance.