How to Improve your Golf Swing

This week we are revisiting a blog post from earlier this year as Dieters golf tips will never grow old…

How to Improve your Golf Swing

I find that the majority of golfers seem to try and do things too quickly. It is the old scenario of running before you can walk or crawl in some instances. Small steps are always better.

In golfing terms, don’t try and smash your driver 300 yards down the fairway; inevitably your ball will land in the woods or pond. Try and feel that you are going to take a smooth swing and only make the ball go 150 yards. It will go further as the length and loft of the club will do the work for you.

What we feel and what we do are generally two different outcomes. If you swing the club with ease, your timing and positioning will be better, improving your strike and distance. If you try and swing the club like a caveman, your timing, balance and rhythm will be affected and the shot will go wrong.  The key thing to remember are; we swing a club, we never hit the ball. That little white spherical trouble maker just gets in the way, so be smooth, get your timing correct and enjoy your golf.

I hope some of these tips are helpful and look forward to seeing you on the course soon!

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Dieter Strohbach PGA Professional
Donnington Valley Golf Club