Summer Golf at Donninton Valley Golf Club

Summer at Donnington Valley Golf Club

With Summer having shown it’s face early this year and some lovely weather having been enjoyed by many over the Bank Holiday weekend and this last week, now really is the time to dust off the cobwebs from your golf clubs and get out on the course again.

The course is looking stunning, with great definition of fairways, semi rough and rough and the greens are starting to speed up again and are running smooth and true, however you still need to pick the right line to set the putt off on!

With increased temperatures the golf ball travels further in the air and then again when it lands, so it may be worth having a lesson with one of our dedicated golf professionals and check the distances you are hitting each club, via our computerised launch monitor.

Having done this, you will know how far you hit each club generally, then it is all about testing that out on the course itself as well as factoring in, slopes, wind and the air temperature. After a few rounds you should have improved your shot accuracy and club selection and as a result start shooting lower scores.

Pay and play golf

is available at Donnington Valley 7 days a week and we have some great twilight rates for late afternoon tee times, so if you can finish work a little earlier, why not join your friends and try out the course and your golfing ability, then at the end of your round enjoy a drink on the terrace overlooking the 9th and 18th greens.

Peter Smith
Director of Golf