The start of the main golfing season at Donnington Valley Golf Club

Donnington Valley Golf ClubGolf really only gets underway for many players from the start of April after the first major of the year, The US Masters from Augusta. Augusta National is closed for several months to ensure the course is in the best possible condition, unfortunately we do not have that luxury, but we do work on the course in more depth on certain weeks to ensure Donnington Valley is in great condition.

Course maintenance weeks take place on all golf courses generally in the early and late part of the year, where the greens are given even more attention than normal.

This April’s course maintenance work this year at Donnington Valley will involve scarifying the greens. This process removes the thatch layer and any build up of material within the sward of the grass on the greens, which may have built up over the normally wet winter period. This removal of the unwanted materials allows the main grasses to grow better and to ensure they are strong as we move in to the busier playing season.

Prior to the greens being scarified, they will be cut and after blown to remove any of the unwanted items which may not have been fully collected by the scarifying machine and collector, then a light sand dressing is applied which is dragged into the surface. The sand helps the greens in two main ways; firstly it levels out any odd surfaces to produce a truer putting surface and secondly the sand helps with the drainage of the greens and allows the roots of the grasses to grow.

Without carrying out this work to the greens, they would become weaker and could struggle with all the golf traffic throughout the year.

Within a week, the greens will have returned to return to normal and will be putting beautifully again.

You don’t need to be a member to play at Donnington Valley Golf Club. You can view our green fees and even request a tee time via our website.

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Here’s to a great summer of great golf.

Peter Smith
Director of Golf