The Thinking Game

One important aspect of the game which people fail to realise, is that when you are actually playing golf, statistically you only play golf for 15 % of the time you are out on the course.  The other 85 % of the time you are walking to your ball or walking from green to tee.  This does, therefore give you plenty of thinking time.  Time spent, wondering where your ball is, how you going to play your next shot, or what trouble may lie ahead.

Why worry about your ball that may be 200 yards away from you and you can’t even see it.  Thinking too much sometimes can be the biggest downfall of a golfer.  Just remember, you are out to play golf and enjoy yourself, NOT put yourself through absolute agony and torture.
A great phrase that I always keep in mind for all golfers is, “A bad days golfing, is better than a bad day in the office.”

We, at Donnington Valley Golf Club, offer assessment lessons which only cost £10-00 for a half hour. Within the lesson we video your golf swing and assess what needs to be done to correct problems or just to give you a taster to see if you may want to take the game up.

Happy golfing,
Dieter Strohbach
PGA Professional
Donnington Valley Golf Club