How to reduce your handicap

Tips on how to reduce your handicap and improve your game

Every golfer is always aiming to play better and more consistent golf and as a consequence improve their golfing handicap, but it isn’t always easy, so here are a few tips to try and help you achieve your goal.

Do your clubs fit?

It is important that your golf clubs are correctly fitted for you, if you buy them standard size. But what exactly is standard? Surely if you were six feet tall you would not buy the same set as if you were 5 feet tall. Therefore we recommend speaking to your local golf professional and make sure the clubs are the right length, correct weight, the correct shaft type; steel or graphite. If the clubs are not suited for your size and swing speed, then you are starting on the wrong footing straight away.

How far do you hit the ball?

In order to become a better golfer, it is important to know how far the ball goes with every club in your bag. If you are not sure then it will make choosing the right club for the shot much more difficult. Do you need to hit the ball over a hazard i.e. a bunker or a water feature? Are you hitting the ball with the wind behind you or against you? Are you hitting downhill or uphill? All of these factors have a massive impact on your club selection and ultimately your score. There are various ways to calculate how far you hit the ball, you can have a session with the professional on the launch monitor software, you can check your distances with a GPS measuring device or you can simply hit shots on the course near to the 100 or 150 yard markers and see where you ball finishes, but this is the least scientific.

The percentage shot

Many amateur golfers go wrong by trying to take on a shot where the percentage for accuracy is very low. You need to always play the higher percentage shot, which at times means that you may have to chip out sideways or even backwards away from the direction of the green. It may seem counter productive but getting your ball into a better position with one additional shot will save you many more if you fail to escape the tree line for example.


Even professional golfers have lessons on their game regularly, so why don’t you? The golf professionals provide various lesson options like short game practice, driving, bunker play and what seems to be best of all is a playing lesson. During a playing lesson the professional will question what you are trying to do and check to see what you have considered before selecting a particular club and also what you are trying to do with a particular shot i.e. where are you hoping the ball will finish.

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