Winter Golf Advice

As winter has now finally arrived, we need to remember a few things for winter golf.

1. Make sure you are warm enough, getting cold playing golf will only hinder you from playing your best golf. Wear more thin layers than only a couple of bulky layers. Base layers are great nowadays, they are so thin, but yet so warm. Mittens on between shots will keep your hands warm too.

2. Ensure that your spikes/cleats of your shoes are not worn down to the sole of your shoes. Slipping on frosty ground will cause a nasty fall and put you out of golf for the whole of the winter.

3. Get your grips changed if they are feeling a bit slippery. If grips are worn and cold they can quite easily slide out of your hands and end up in the pond or a tree. Best advice, where lessons are concerned, is that as golfers, we should always practise and have our lessons through the winter. This is great practise time, so that when the spring hits us we are ready to venture onto the green grass and play good golf. There is no point in putting the clubs away in the colder months and only bring them out in the spring again. All the hard work would have been done in vain.

If there are any questions, we, the professional shop team are always here to help. Call in for a chat anytime.

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Regards, Dieter Strohbach. PGA Qualified Professional

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