Winter Golf

Winter Golf At Donnington Valley Golf Club

As the winter approaches and the weather becomes colder we thought we would give you our top tips to help you get the most out of your winters golfing.

Tip one – Stay warm
An obvious one to start off with. To keep it simple wear a hat and gloves. Consider keeping hand warmers in your pockets to keep the chill at bay. Layers – light weight layers will work best to both keep you warm and to ensure that you are comfortable out on the course but not too wrapped up to impede your swing. Newer specialist products on the market will keep heat in but allow moisture to escape for maximum comfort. Consider walking around the course rather than using a buggy– this will help to keep you warm and therefore joints loose during your days golfing.

Tip two – White ball?
On frosty mornings a white ball put simply is harder to find. Consider purchasing some coloured balls for use in the winter months.

Tip three – Stay hydrated
Just as important in the winter as the summer. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and perhaps think about taking a hot chocolate or cup of home-made soup from the Spike Bar out on the course with you. Caffeine in tea and coffee will actually dehydrate you.

Tip four – Have fun
Don’t expect to hit the same round in the winter as you would at the height of summer. Due to wearing more layers, slightly more restricted movement and perhaps depending on weather conditions, poorer footing it is possible that you may need a few more strokes to complete your round. Don’t worry about this though. Everyone will be in the same position and so remember to keep smiling and enjoy your game. Remember the ball doesn’t travel as far when the weather is cold and damp, so club up 1 or more to reach the same distance as in summer.

Group golf offers

This winter as we have some great golfing group offers to tempt you out onto the course. For groups of 8 or more we have day packages from just £19 per person. Plus if your group is 20 or more players we will also donate a midweek 4-ball voucher as a prize for the star golfer.

The course has been playing well all year and over winter we do not use any temporary tees or temporary greens, so you are assured of playing the full course as normal. The course drains very well too, so you can leave your wellies at home!

As it is the winter period, winter rules are in play, which simply means that on the closely mown areas of the course, you can mark, lift and clean your ball and replace it within 6 inches of your marker, before playing your next shot.

So why not speak to your golfing friends and book a Winter Group to play between 1st November 2013 and the 31st March 2014?

Peter Smith
Director of Golf