Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics

So what is Aqua Aerobics? Put simply it’s an aerobic based class that takes place in a shallow depth pool so you don’t need to be a strong swimmer to take part. The class uses a mixture of resistance and aerobic based training to help tone, shape and sculpt the body.

Suitable for any age group due to the reduced stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles, a benefit of exercising in the water.

Aqua Aerobics can also be a hard workout for individuals that really want to burn some calories. There is a range of equipment used within the class, including woggles, foam dumbbells and aqua mitts; these are used to increase the difficulty of the class by adding resistance.

Aqua aerobics at Donnington Valley Facts:

  • Classes last 45 minutes.
  • Uses both aerobic and resistance types of training
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Low stress on joints, ligaments and muscles 
  • Exercising in water allows greater range of motion for joints

To find out more about or range of classes, facilities and memberships available at Donnington Valley take a look at our website or stop by the health club and speak to one of the team.

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