Bored of the treadmill?

Donnington Valley Health Club

Donnington Valley Running Club

With the summer approaching and the weather, on the whole, becoming more favourable and improving running conditions its no surprise that more and more is us decide to take up running over the summer months.

Our running club takes full advantage of the improving conditions as we take in the beautiful surroundings on a variety of terrains. The running club is suitable for all levels of running ability and represents an ideal opportunity to try out something new. The routes we take can be adapted to suit your current ability with our more experienced participants able to try out longer or more challenging routes if they wish. Don’t let the term “running” put you off either, you can jog at your own pace, if you want to be pushed then the instructor can do this; however if your just looking for some general exercise then this class is perfect for you.

The class consists of a light warm up followed by a gentle jog, once you are completely warmed up the option is there to increase speed or stay at the pace, the instructor will run between groups and navigate the route. Once the run has finished, a cool down is completed followed by stretches.

If you are interested in running and you’re bored of the treadmill, want a change or fancy seeing the sights of the surrounding area then please do book into our running club class every Tuesday morning at 9.30am.

Take a look at our current class timetable on our website and also browse our membership options.

James Beldam

Senior fitness instructor