Running Club

Come Join the Running Club

During the winter most of us prefer to stay in the gym and keep our running for the treadmill, but as spring is here why not test your fitness outdoors. Donnington Valley Health Club provides you the opportunity to do this. During the upcoming months the weather will brighten up and will provide great conditions to train outside.

Every Tuesday morning we run our ‘Running Club’. This was set up so members could enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the Donnington area provides as well as keeping fit.

Most Common question asked: I’m not the strongest of runners can I still attend? The simple answer is yes. We often have members with different levels of fitness ability or running experience within the group and the fitness instructor will constantly run between groups to check on each member individually.

Why Run Outdoors?
While running on a treadmill offers fitness and calorie burning benefits that are similar to outside running, you don’t get any wind resistance and the surface you are running on is completely flat. The outdoor environment causes the body to work harder as you will be constantly adjusting your body weight as you run over different terrain. This will improve core strength that is vital to any type of workout.

If you have any enquiries about the class please contact a member of our fitness team and see our website for details of membership packages available.

Kind Regards

The Fitness Team