Decline Push Ups

This great exercise which targets the following muscle: Pectoralis Major (upper pecs)

Again like other exercises we have mentioned in previous blogs you can do this at home if you cannot make the gym. So lets get training before the summer!

Starting Position

1. Use a bench and place it in a flat position, then place your feet shoulder width apart on the bench raised up on your toes.

2. Your body should be in a straight line with your arms in line with your chest, arms fully extended in a push up position.


1. Slowly let your arms bend bringing your body towards the floor, and stopping before you touch the ground.

2. Hold for a moment with your abs contracted. Return to the start position by straightening your arms and using your pectorals.


• Try contracting your abs before you begin the movement.

• Come down slowly at the start of the movement and explode on the way to the top.

Enjoy this exercise and let us know your feedback. Alternatively pop down toDonnington Valley Health Club and let us know.

Fitness Team
Donnington Valley Health Club & Spa