Squat Thrusts

Four-Count Squat Thrusts

To start this simple exercise stand tall with your arms by the side of your body. Lower your body into a squat position as per our images below. Keep both hands in front of you on the floor, jump your legs away from your body so that they are straight and the weight of your body is over your handsĀ (a plank position). Simply return your legs back to you hands back into the squat position again andĀ jump upwards to straighten out your body, back into standing position. Try to do about 10 of these and then repeat twice more.

This is such a great exercise to do at home as no equipment is necessary. If a beginner try to do as many as you can, and with practice you will become stronger and able to perform more.

If this routine is performed regularly you will develop strength and mobility in your hip joints and knees. Not only this, but you will gain strength in your pelvic and abdominal areas. This is all key to help you improve your performance at high speed sports.

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Fitness Team
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