Helping you keep your new years resolutions

Helping you keep your New Years resolutions

It is always common at the start of each year to find the gym being extremely busy; this is because everyone makes New Year resolutions to get fit! However, have you ever been to the gym from April onwards and wondered where everyone has gone?

Its easy for motivation levels to start to drop after a few months of repetitive gym sessions. To stay motivated we suggest that you keep your regime fresh!

Here are 5 simple ways to ensure you stay on top of your fitness and don’t shy away from hitting your goals.

  1. Train with a friend – Invite one of your friends to join you at the gym. Making that commitment to meet someone at the gym gives you that extra incentive to make that class after work or first thing on a Saturday. Having a friend to train with can make the sessions more enjoyable as you can motivate each other.
  2. Change your programme – Think about having a review with an instructor. Changing up your programme, adding different exercises as your fitness and ability changes not only keeps things fresh it will help you to keep moving towards your goals.
  3. Try a class – Great for training in a group as you all keep each other going. A great way to make new friends group exercise can really keep you motivated. Plus was a variety of classes to try from Spin to Pilates, body pump and aqua aerobics there is always something different to try.
  4. Time – “I just don’t have the time any more.” Something that I’m sure we’ve all thought before. Cutting the time you are working out doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting a less beneficial workout. Short intense sessions can be just as effective as longer ones, ask one of our instructors about this when you next choose to review your programme.
  5. Get a personal trainer – How do all the celebs keep going with their programmes. Easy, many have a personal trainer. Not only do personal trainers use a variety of training techniques to push you and keep things fresh they can also offer nutritional programmes and advise.

Don’t let your motivation levels drop, use these 5 ways, stay determined, keep focused and reach your targets.

Next time you stop by for your workout why not enquire about personal training to help you take your fitness to the next level.

James Beldam
Senior Fitness Instructor