Matrix is arriving

Matrix Gym Equipment

Matrix – Arriving 7th August

Matrix is our brand new range of cardio equipment at Donnington Valley Health Club & Spa.

Matrix has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Superior industrial design, with a contemporary look, has been Matrix’s trademark since the beginning.

Matrix are used all over the world and have won such awards as vendor of the year, they are also the official supplier of fitness equipment to Lotus F1 Team and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

Our Equipment

At Donnington we are very excited to have Matrix as our brand of fitness equipment, mainly due to the benefits and extras it gives us to our current equipment. Not only will you still be able to use your Fitlinxx ID and keep your current points but you also get a lot more, such as:

Virtual Active Workouts

These virtual workouts are in HD quality with ambient sounds from exotic destinations, plus incline and resistance changes to create a truly immense experience.


A rich entertainment experience is provided, including live TV, thousands of on demand music videos and personalized workout data.


From Wi-Fi and internet access to wireless receivers, you will now be able to link everything from social media sites to basic remote audio.

What are we getting?

  • 6 treadmills – all come with 19 inch HD screens, the absorption deck system provides less impact on your joint.
  • 2 Ellipticals – all come with 16 inch HD screens, the patented suspension design delivers a smooth motion free of wheels and tracks.
  • 2 Ascent trainers – these provide the user with the ability to choose their range of motion by either taking shorter or longer strides.
  • 3 upright bikes – fitted with 16 inch HD screen, it has race inspired handles, ergo form seats and easy to adjust seats for a more comfortable ride.
  • 1 Hybrid Cycle – comes with a ventilated ergo form seat with back support and easy to adjust seat for ultimate support and cushion.
  • 1 Climb mill – Acts just as a staircase that rotates round, only climb mill in the area, a very exciting product to have in our inventory.
  • 1 My Ride – your own personal experience, takes spinning to the next level, create your own spinning class set in a variety of exotic destinations.
  • 13 spin bikes –  with their indoor cycling computer that integrates individual feed back within the class, allowing users to measure their progress and their intensity.

Contact Donnington Valley Health Club for more details on 01635 551188 or email