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Matrix Spin Bike

Spinning Classes

Spinning has always been a popular class on the timetable, our instructors are all fully qualified and all design our own personalised classes to music to give the best possible experience we can; now that experience has become even better. We have just bought in the latest spin bikes produced by Matrix, not only can we now teach classes to music but also have the availability to see RPM, average RPM, distance covered and time of workout. Having this opens up a wider range of workouts which we can now do, ensuring that the entire class get full benefits and train as hard as they possibly can.

Spinning is a great way to burn calories and tone up fast; the harder you work, the more you get out of it, and with our new bikes the experience has improved exponentially, they provide a smoother ride, a variety of different grips and a more realistic feel for resistance then before. We have several spin classes on our current timetable from times as early as 7.00am – 17.45pm which gives all our members the chance to participate and get fit, if you’re interested then please do not hesitate to book at the health club reception and begin your journey today.

For details of our membership options please see our website: http://www.donningtonvalley.co.uk/HealthClubMembership.asp

James Beldam

Senior Fitness Instructor