Matrix Climb Mill

Matrix Climb Mill

The Matrix Climb Mill

At Donnington Valley we are very proud of our brand new top of the range Matrix cardio suite; within this suite we have got all you need to have a great workout. One of my favourite pieces of equipment is the Climb mill; if you are unfamiliar with the Climb mill then it’s a set of 4 steps which rotate round to a speed set by the user; this provides the user to be able to keep climbing steps over and over again without reaching the top.

We all know how hard it is to climb stairs all day which makes this such a beneficial machine not only with cardiovascular benefits but also muscular endurance.

To some the machine may seem “scary” as it is larger than other pieces of cardio equipment, however there are many safety mechanisms and stop buttons on the machine which allows the user to be in full control at all times. I can imagine the first user of a treadmill found that a “scary” experience to start off with, it’s all about making yourself familiar with the equipment you use and that comes with consistency.

There are variations of workouts in which you can perform on the climb mill, you could increase the speed making it more cardiovascular or even keep the speed low and miss a step which makes the user lunge, lunging means there is a greater range of motion on the muscle which acquires a greater force from the user to return to a standing position, this promotes muscular endurance and strength.

If you have not used this particular machine before then I recommend starting with 5-10 minutes at a steady pace and work your way up for more challenging workout once you’re familiar with the technique, and of course you can always ask for guidance from the fitness team.

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James Beldam
Senior Fitness Instructor