Spring and Summer Beauty Essentials at Donnington Valley Spa

Beauty Essentials at Donnington Valley Spa

Beauty Basics are best for this time of year…

Don’t overload the make up this Summer as the heat can melt away eye shadow and foundation! You know the saying less is more, too much can actually add years to a person.

Stick the the basics:

  • Sunscreen or use a tinted moisturiser or BB cream with sunscreen in it or self tan
  • Concealer for under the eyes and any blemishes
  • Mascara or get your eyelashes tinted
  • Light coloured lipsticks or lip gloss
  • Soft eyeshadow

Minimize the damage caused by hair dryers:

  • Use a towel to wrap your hair turban-style and gently squeeze out excess water
  • Leave it to dry three-quarters of the way before you pick up your hair dryer
  • Do not hold your hair dryer too close or too long on one area of the head
  • Stop drying while your hair is still a bit damp

As the sun is here, we are now thinking about wearing our latest swimwear. This means exposing our bodies which have been hidden all Winter and therefore feeling tired, dull and dry.

To prepare your skin for the Summer, start by using a loofah or body brush, this lifts the dead skin cells and helps to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, use all over the body and try and work in the direction of the heart. This can be done daily, leaving skin smooth and revitalized. Use body polish or body exfoliator also to soften the skin, remove any dead skin cells and also nourish the skin, this will leave your skin glowing. This will also prepare your skin for the skin, helping you to get more even, fresher longer lasting tan. Just remember your sun protection.

One thing that worries a lot of women is Cellulite.

The bad news
Cellulite affects 90% of women

The good news:
Cellulite is reversible

Cellulite can be treated in the following ways:

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Exercise
  • Topical Cellulite treatments
  • Cellulite creams

It is necessary to increase the blood and lymphatic circulation to break down fat cells and help eliminate toxins.

Popping your pimples!
The sun can bring out these dreadful creatures.
You should maintain a strict hands-off policy when it comes to your spots. Messing with a pimple can extend its staying power up to seven to ten days instead of the normal two or three, since the dirt from your fingers can force bacteria into your pores and cause an infection.

Feet First!
Now it’s time for the sandals to come out of the wardrobe, treat yourself to a pedicure and wear those sandals with pride. This will exfoliate your feet, remove any hard skin, toe nails cut and shaped and the cuticles will be tidied up so the nails can be polished with a colour of your choice. For that summer special add some crystals or glitter for the summer sparkle.

Protect your eyes!
Don’t forget to protect your eyes this summer, sunglasses are a necessity to keep those damaging sun rays away from the eyes but they also add a bit of glamour and can be true fashion statement.

With holiday season fast approaching we’ve put together a special pampering package to help you slip into that holiday frame of mind.


  • A polynesia spa ritual (1hr 25 minutes)
  • Spray tan or file and paint fingers
  • Jessica pedicure

£100 per person for members,

£125 per person for non members

Monday to Thursday, Subject to availability.

Call us on 01635 551188 to book