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Spa Breaks

A Spa Break with just that little bit more time to focus on you!

Being a mum is rewarding but hard work. You feel as if there is never any time just for you. Even thirty minutes to sit quietly alone and read a magazine or relax in a bath, appears to be simply a dream. If at times, the thought of sitting on a busy train, have a coffee and read the paper would seem like a treat you need to read this.

Imagine escaping from home for twenty four hours, arriving at a 4-star country hotel. Awaiting, one of the top rated spas in the country, with luxurious facilities including an 18m swimming pool, sauna, steam and aromatherapy rooms.  Picture yourself in one of the the relaxation areas, choosing a treatment from a menu of therapies. Top it all up by attending two seminars during your stay, designed to spend time focusing on you and empowering you to leave with a renewed outlook and focus:

The ‘time out for me’ seminars

Who am I and where am I going?

  • Learn how to rediscover your personal values, your strengths and what your true passions are in life (other than your family of course!) and how these may have changed since having children
  • We will spend time helping you to think about your own personal vision for your life. Having a powerful vision can help you succeed far beyond where you’d be without one. That vision can propel you and inspire you going forward in your life.  If you don’t identify your vision, others will plan and direct your life for you so take some time out now so you are not one of those many people who too late in your life says, “If only… .”

My image

  • How we look has a huge impact on the way we feel about ourselves!  Find out why personal image is so important and discover which colours and styles suit you best, and why.
  • This session will help you re-evaluate your wardrobe, so that you can look great every day with minimal effort! A colour and image session where you will learn exactly what colours suit you best and why.

Not only will you be relaxing on a spa weekend, you will also be making the most of this precious time away and spending some constructive time being able to focus on YOU!  You will come away feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and re-motivated to return home and be the best Mum you can be.

If this sounds like a dream come true then take a look at this… that dream can be a reality, because we have designed this exact experience for you!http://www.donningtonvalley.co.uk/spa_breaks.asp