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Tips and Tricks for Winter Golf

It has been incredibly mild recently, and ideal for value Winter golf practice as you benefit from the Winter Green Fee prices. Peter Smith our Golf Director has some additional tips to make the most this season.

Golf Course Nov 2015 cropped

Playing golf in the Winter is a completely different game, as the cold air means that the golf ball does not travel through the air as far and with wet fairways, when the ball lands it hardly runs, so you need to think about your club selection a lot more to compensate for the conditions. Here are my top considerations for golf in the winter months.

Because the ball does not travel as far as in the warmer Summer months, it may be necessary to club up by one or two, for example, if you normally hit an eight iron 130 yards in the Summer, you may need to hit a seven or even a six iron to cover the same distance as your eight iron in the Summer.

When chipping on to the greens again you may need to adopt a chip and run approach, as when you hit a high chip onto a green in Winter, the ball makes more of a pitch mark and will come to rest much quicker, leaving your ball much further from the hole than you wanted.

If you are playing golf when the course is frosty or frozen (which looks unlikely to ahppen at the moment!) and everything appears white, then it is often a good idea to play a ball with a different colour than white, to make it easier to find. Many people play with yellow or orange golf balls in these conditions.

and then there is the consideration of seaonal ‘rules’. During the Winter months most golf clubs bring in ‘Winter Rules’ for golf for two main reasons. Firstly, the ground conditions are much wetter either through rain or by dew. Secondly, the ground due to its softness, make the ball collect mud and dirt.

Therefore the ‘winter rules’ help a golfer rather than penalize a golfer, so that they can play their best golf when playing on a much wetter playing surface.

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Play Golf To Relieve Stress

In this modern time, where people work longer hours and with tight deadlines plus longer commuting times, we all need some way to relieve the stress of our working lives and sometimes our personal time, so how does golf help? Our Golf Diretor Peter Smith tells us more.


Playing golf for stress relief is even suggested by some doctors. Many club golfers would argue that the four or so hours spent each weekend out on their favourite course is their way of putting themselves back together again for the week ahead. For some others golf causes stress!
If you don’t get too wound up with not always playing the perfect shot every time (even the golf professionals don’t play every shot perfectly) then golf is very good for you as a whole.
You are out in the fresh air, even though that fresh air may include some moisture here in England, for four and a bit hours once or twice a week, you are exercising by walking the course (even if you take a trolley and don’t carry your clubs) and by swinging the golf club while playing each shot. Some players however get more exercise as they play more shots, which is not the aim of golf, as less is more from a scoring point of view!
You are also surrounded by nature, there are different birds, insects and often deer to look at while you play the course and depending on the course you play, the views across the valleys or even from tee to green can be magnificent and enjoyable.
The interaction and communication between playing partners coupled with the banter and laughter is also excellent for relieving stress, though laughing at a colleagues bad shots may not help their stress levels.
So to keep you sane, improve your cardio vascular activity and to have a good laugh, get yourself out on the fairways and play some golf.

Christmas Golf Gifts!

Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas! Each day this Advent from 1st to 12th December we are bringing to you offers you won’t find anywhere else. These offers are on stock items and for One Day ONLY!

Christmas Golf

Tuesday 1st December – Ping Price Drop

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Wednesday 2nd December – Vokey Spectacular

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Thursday 3rd December – The Gloves Are Off

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Friday 4th December – Friday Is The New Shoes Day

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Saturday 5th December – Bag Phenomenon

Motocaddy Pro Series Bags at a price never seen before

Sunday 6th December – Gadget Day

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Monday 7th December – Ball of the Season

Srixon AD333 Tour Balls at shelf clearing prices

Tuesday 8th December – Iron Price Crunch

Sets of irons at eye watering prices

Wednesday 9th December – Ladies Day

Ladies Clothing at amazing prices

Thursday 10th December – Ecco Never To Be Repeated

Ecco Golf Shoes teasingly good price

Friday 11th December – Taylormade Price Crash

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Saturday 12th December – The Final Countdown

Lots of offers in store including clothing
Every day we will email the special Christmas offer to our loyalty members. This email will also state the stock levels/specs at the beginning of the day and where they are.

You can come into the shop or pay for products over the phone and collect later. This will be done on a first come first served basis.Payments must be made that day for the product to be reserved for you.

If you spend £20 or more in our 12 days of Christmas promotion you will receive a little book of vouchers which you can use from 13th to 24th. (see vouchers for individual expiry dates).

Remember the offers are for their specific day only and for stock items only. Payments can be made over the phone or in-store. Payment must be made to reserve a product.

On Behalf of myself and the team We would like to wish you

A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Baubles and Berries

Junior Golf Members

We’re really keen to get more junior golf members to join Donnington Valley Golf Club to help strengthen our team here. Donnington Valley Golf Club is an excellent club for juniors with great facilities, and known by many as the friendliest club in the area.

The short game practice area is ideal for golfers of all abilities to perfect their short game skills. We also have a 150 yard range, which is great for lessons and for all abilities to come and practice.

The golf professionals here are also really friendly and will willingly hand out advice and ideas to try and improve your game. If you are interested in a lesson either on the practice areas or on the course itself, give the Pro shop a call on 01635 568 142.

Weekly medal competitions take place every week (on weekdays), and a larger monthly medal competition happens each month. If you know of any juniors that would be interested in coming along for a practice, to see the facilities and meet fellow junior members, we’d love to hear from them, please just ask them to get in touch – a full junior 7 day annual membership is £225.

As a junior member, I have first hand experience of how brilliant it is to be a junior member here at ‘valley’, as we call it, and I would recommend it to any young golfer in the area.

Follow the golf club on twitter @DVGOLF and also follow the Pro Shop @mbgolfshop to keep up to date with any updates and deals the club has to offer.

Will Wright
Junior Captain 2010 – 2012

The Best Golf Equipment You Can Buy

There are lots of great golf companies out there at the moment producing high quality equipment. You could be spending thousands of pounds on clubs, bags and golf balls, but if your golf swing is not all up to standard, the quality of equipment is not going to make much difference.

So, the best option in this case is to make sure that you get custom fitted. This process makes sure that you get the best products to suit you and your game. We check the angles of the club head, length and flex of shaft and grip size. Everyone is different, so there is no standard.

The latest addition to my set has been the Cobra ZL driver, which I’d highly recommend. I’ve never hit so many fairways with it, and it goes straight and long, rather than crooked and long! I’d also suggest the Titleist rescue wood,Wilson FG62 bladesTitleist Vokey wedges and my old faithful the Titleist Scotty Cameron Putter.

Please feel free to give us a call on 01635 522 666 if you’d like to come in for a fitting or to simply find out if your clubs are right for you.

Happy golfing,
Dieter Strohbach
PGA Professional.
Donnington Valley Golf Club

How to Improve your Golf Swing

I find that the majority of golfers seem to try and do things too quickly. It is the old scenario of running before you can walk or crawl in some instances. Small steps are always better.

In golfing terms, don’t try and smash your driver 300 yards down the fairway; inevitably your ball will land in the woods or pond. Try and feel that you are going to take a smooth swing and only make the ball go 150 yards. It will go further as the length and loft of the club will do the work for you.

What we feel and what we do are generally two different outcomes. If you swing the club with ease, your timing and positioning will be better, improving your strike and distince. If you try and swing the club like a caveman, your timing, balance and rhythm will be affected and the shot will go wrong.  The key thing to remember is; we swing a club, we never hit the ball. That little white spherical trouble maker just gets in the way, so be smooth, get your timing correct and enjoy your golf.

I hope some of these tips are helpful and look forward to seeing you on the course soon!

If you have any questions, pop into the Pro Shop or call us on 01635 522 666.

Dieter Strohbach PGA Professional
Donnington Valley Golf Club

Winter Golf Advice

As winter has now finally arrived, we need to remember a few things for winter golf.

1. Make sure you are warm enough, getting cold playing golf will only hinder you from playing your best golf. Wear more thin layers than only a couple of bulky layers. Base layers are great nowadays, they are so thin, but yet so warm. Mittens on between shots will keep your hands warm too.

2. Ensure that your spikes/cleats of your shoes are not worn down to the sole of your shoes. Slipping on frosty ground will cause a nasty fall and put you out of golf for the whole of the winter.

3. Get your grips changed if they are feeling a bit slippery. If grips are worn and cold they can quite easily slide out of your hands and end up in the pond or a tree. Best advice, where lessons are concerned, is that as golfers, we should always practise and have our lessons through the winter. This is great practise time, so that when the spring hits us we are ready to venture onto the green grass and play good golf. There is no point in putting the clubs away in the colder months and only bring them out in the spring again. All the hard work would have been done in vain.

If there are any questions, we, the professional shop team are always here to help. Call in for a chat anytime.

Why not book a private tutor class from only £17!

Regards, Dieter Strohbach. PGA Qualified Professional

Donnington Valley Golf Club 01635 522666

The Thinking Game

One important aspect of the game which people fail to realise, is that when you are actually playing golf, statistically you only play golf for 15 % of the time you are out on the course.  The other 85 % of the time you are walking to your ball or walking from green to tee.  This does, therefore give you plenty of thinking time.  Time spent, wondering where your ball is, how you going to play your next shot, or what trouble may lie ahead.

Why worry about your ball that may be 200 yards away from you and you can’t even see it.  Thinking too much sometimes can be the biggest downfall of a golfer.  Just remember, you are out to play golf and enjoy yourself, NOT put yourself through absolute agony and torture.
A great phrase that I always keep in mind for all golfers is, “A bad days golfing, is better than a bad day in the office.”

We, at Donnington Valley Golf Club, offer assessment lessons which only cost £10-00 for a half hour. Within the lesson we video your golf swing and assess what needs to be done to correct problems or just to give you a taster to see if you may want to take the game up.

Happy golfing,
Dieter Strohbach
PGA Professional
Donnington Valley Golf Club