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Spin Class

Matrix Spin Bike

Spinning Classes

Spinning has always been a popular class on the timetable, our instructors are all fully qualified and all design our own personalised classes to music to give the best possible experience we can; now that experience has become even better. We have just bought in the latest spin bikes produced by Matrix, not only can we now teach classes to music but also have the availability to see RPM, average RPM, distance covered and time of workout. Having this opens up a wider range of workouts which we can now do, ensuring that the entire class get full benefits and train as hard as they possibly can.

Spinning is a great way to burn calories and tone up fast; the harder you work, the more you get out of it, and with our new bikes the experience has improved exponentially, they provide a smoother ride, a variety of different grips and a more realistic feel for resistance then before. We have several spin classes on our current timetable from times as early as 7.00am – 17.45pm which gives all our members the chance to participate and get fit, if you’re interested then please do not hesitate to book at the health club reception and begin your journey today.

For details of our membership options please see our website: http://www.donningtonvalley.co.uk/HealthClubMembership.asp

James Beldam

Senior Fitness Instructor

New Matrix Gym Equipment

Donnington Valley Health Club

New resistance equipment

We are delighted to announce that we are getting some new fitness equipment for our gym; these involve heavier dumbbells going up to the weight of 32kgs and a power rack with weights up to 160kgs.

With this new kit it provides us with different variations of exercises that are much safer to deliver. We have listed a few of the key muscle toning and building exercises which you can try:

Power rack

Barbell Squat (Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings) – choose the weight and place onto the bar, set the safety bar to correct height (should be just below as low as you can squat) next come under the bar and rest it on the top of your back (trapezuis) bring your feet parallel with your shoulders with toes facing forward, bend at your hips and push back until your knees bend ensuring that your knees do not go over your toes, try to go as low as your range of motion will allow you to go then push through your heels back up to a standing position.

Barbell Chest Press (Chest, Triceps)– Choose the weight and place onto the bar, set the safety bar to correct height (should be at chest height, giving enough room to safely exit if failure of rep happens) ensure that your bench is at acquired height (flat, decline, incline) then position your body on the bench under the barbell, lift barbell with hands positioned in an overhand grip wider than shoulder width and ensure bar is in line with the chest, slowly bring bar towards chest, just before chest is met push the barbell back up to starting position.

Barbell Bent Over Row (Lats, Biceps) – Choose the weight and place onto the bar, in a standing position safely lift the bar from the floor until you are at full extension, ensure your hands are just over shoulder width apart in an overhand grip, from here bend at your hips until your knees slightly bend, ensure your chest is up and back is straight, arms should be at full extension and barbell should be just lower than your knees, from here pull through your elbows and bring the barbell towards your belly button feeling the squeeze on your upper back (latissimus dorsi) bring bar back down to starting position.

Barbell Reverse Lunge to Knee up (Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes) – Choose the weight you are going to use, place the safety bar at a level where you would complete a lunge and the bar could safely rest on it if failure to complete rep occurred (just below hip height) rest the barbell on the top of your back (traps) take a stride with one foot behind the body, bend your front knee ensuring your knee doesn’t go over your toes, keep your body in an upright position, chest up and chin up, lunge as low as your range of motion allows you to go, push through your front foot to allow you to come back into an upright position, once in this position follow your back leg forward and bring your knee up in front of your body squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement, return leg to starting position, repeat on other leg.


Having heavier dumbbells is very beneficial for those wanting to exert more tension onto a particular muscle. Exercises to use with heavier dumbbells could be:

Dumbbell Shrugs (traps) – Choose the set of dumbbells you intend to lift, position the dumbbells in your hands by the side of your body, keep arms at full length, bring your shoulders towards your ears in a shrugging motion, lower shoulders back down to starting position.

Dumbbell One Arm Row (Lats, Biceps) – Set your bench to flat, choose your dumbbell, place dumbbell next to the bench, if you are using your right arm to lift the weight place your left knee on the bench with your right leg acting as a support coming away from the bench, ensure your back is straight, chest is up and head is up, grip weight ensuring the weight is in a hammer grip position, then pull through your elbow keeping your elbow tight to the body bringing it all the way so your elbow is up to your back, lower weight and repeat on the other side, changing your knee and leg position.

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions (Triceps) – Choose your weight; hold dumbbells behind the head locked together with palms facing each other, extend at the elbows so that your dumbbells are above your head, lower the weight below your head by bending your elbows until dumbbells go as low as your range of motion will allow you to go, extend the weight back above the head to finish the rep, ensure to keep your elbows still and tight to your head.

For more information please speak to Health club reception on 01635 551188

Matrix is arriving

Matrix Gym Equipment

Matrix – Arriving 7th August

Matrix is our brand new range of cardio equipment at Donnington Valley Health Club & Spa.

Matrix has been producing premium fitness equipment since 1975 and is the fastest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Superior industrial design, with a contemporary look, has been Matrix’s trademark since the beginning.

Matrix are used all over the world and have won such awards as vendor of the year, they are also the official supplier of fitness equipment to Lotus F1 Team and Infiniti Red Bull Racing.

Our Equipment

At Donnington we are very excited to have Matrix as our brand of fitness equipment, mainly due to the benefits and extras it gives us to our current equipment. Not only will you still be able to use your Fitlinxx ID and keep your current points but you also get a lot more, such as:

Virtual Active Workouts

These virtual workouts are in HD quality with ambient sounds from exotic destinations, plus incline and resistance changes to create a truly immense experience.


A rich entertainment experience is provided, including live TV, thousands of on demand music videos and personalized workout data.


From Wi-Fi and internet access to wireless receivers, you will now be able to link everything from social media sites to basic remote audio.

What are we getting?

  • 6 treadmills – all come with 19 inch HD screens, the absorption deck system provides less impact on your joint.
  • 2 Ellipticals – all come with 16 inch HD screens, the patented suspension design delivers a smooth motion free of wheels and tracks.
  • 2 Ascent trainers – these provide the user with the ability to choose their range of motion by either taking shorter or longer strides.
  • 3 upright bikes – fitted with 16 inch HD screen, it has race inspired handles, ergo form seats and easy to adjust seats for a more comfortable ride.
  • 1 Hybrid Cycle – comes with a ventilated ergo form seat with back support and easy to adjust seat for ultimate support and cushion.
  • 1 Climb mill – Acts just as a staircase that rotates round, only climb mill in the area, a very exciting product to have in our inventory.
  • 1 My Ride – your own personal experience, takes spinning to the next level, create your own spinning class set in a variety of exotic destinations.
  • 13 spin bikes –  with their indoor cycling computer that integrates individual feed back within the class, allowing users to measure their progress and their intensity.

Contact Donnington Valley Health Club for more details on 01635 551188 or email healthclub@donningtonvalley.co.uk.

Helping you keep your new years resolutions

Helping you keep your New Years resolutions

It is always common at the start of each year to find the gym being extremely busy; this is because everyone makes New Year resolutions to get fit! However, have you ever been to the gym from April onwards and wondered where everyone has gone?

Its easy for motivation levels to start to drop after a few months of repetitive gym sessions. To stay motivated we suggest that you keep your regime fresh!

Here are 5 simple ways to ensure you stay on top of your fitness and don’t shy away from hitting your goals.

  1. Train with a friend – Invite one of your friends to join you at the gym. Making that commitment to meet someone at the gym gives you that extra incentive to make that class after work or first thing on a Saturday. Having a friend to train with can make the sessions more enjoyable as you can motivate each other.
  2. Change your programme – Think about having a review with an instructor. Changing up your programme, adding different exercises as your fitness and ability changes not only keeps things fresh it will help you to keep moving towards your goals.
  3. Try a class – Great for training in a group as you all keep each other going. A great way to make new friends group exercise can really keep you motivated. Plus was a variety of classes to try from Spin to Pilates, body pump and aqua aerobics there is always something different to try.
  4. Time – “I just don’t have the time any more.” Something that I’m sure we’ve all thought before. Cutting the time you are working out doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting a less beneficial workout. Short intense sessions can be just as effective as longer ones, ask one of our instructors about this when you next choose to review your programme.
  5. Get a personal trainer – How do all the celebs keep going with their programmes. Easy, many have a personal trainer. Not only do personal trainers use a variety of training techniques to push you and keep things fresh they can also offer nutritional programmes and advise.

Don’t let your motivation levels drop, use these 5 ways, stay determined, keep focused and reach your targets.

Next time you stop by for your workout why not enquire about personal training to help you take your fitness to the next level.

James Beldam
Senior Fitness Instructor

New Year Fitness Regime

Kick off your new year with a new fitness regime!

As the New Year begins everyone’s thoughts turn to changing their lives into making themselves a better person; this all usually starts with a gym membership, a new diet and a new fitness regime.

When starting a new fitness programme its really important both to prevent injury and also to ensure that the programme is working at its best to maintain the correct positioning when completing exercises. We always suggest working with a qualified fitness trainer when you start out to make sure that you are getting the best out of your work out. Plus working with a qualified trainer they will be able to tailor your work out to best suit your goals.

That being said here is my suggested fitness regime to really kick start your body into getting that figure you desire!

Warm up:
10 mins Incline Walk
Method: Start at a speed of 6km on an incline of 3 and increase incline every minute by 1-2 incline depending on fitness level.

Main Cardio:
2000 Metre Row
Method: Set rower on desired resistance strength, row 2000m as fast as possible, note the time taken and beat it next time.

Main Weights:
Exercise: Pull ups
Reps: 10 – 12 
Sets: 3

Exercise: Barbell Squats
Reps: 12 – 15 
Sets: 3

Exercise: Push ups
Reps: To Failure
Sets: 3

Exercise: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge
Reps: 12 – 15
Sets: 3

Exercise: Barbell Clean & Press
Reps: 12 – 15
Sets: 3

Method: Increase the weight of the exercises on each set but also maintain the same amount of reps, keep the intensity to about 80% of your maximum with having minimum rest periods between sets and exercises.

Exercise: Ab Crunch
Reps: 12 – 15
Sets: 3

Exercise: Reverse Ab Crunch
Reps: 12 – 15
Sets: 3

Exercise: Medicine Ball Russian Twists
Reps: 12 – 15
Sets: 3

Exercise: Plank
Reps: 45 secs
Sets: 3

Method: Complete each rep really slow and really feel the contraction of the muscle, have minimum rest between sets and exercises.

For details of our membership options please see our website or stop by to speak to one of our team to find the membership type that is best for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

James Beldam
Senior fitness instructor

Stay motivated through winter

Stay Motivated

As it begins to get colder the effort to get to the gym increases, it’s harder to get out of bed in the mornings, darker in the evenings and the summer holiday season is over. However if you’re finding it difficult to stay motivated then why not try a couple of these ideas to keep you coming back for more.

Try a personal training session
This is the ultimate motivation at Donnington Valley Health Club and Spa. Our Personal Trainers are fully qualified in all the latest methods of training, guaranteed to get you working up a sweat and point you in the direction to meeting your fitness goals.

Review your current training programme with our instructors
Fitness Instructors are always available to help all our members in getting the most out of their gym sessions, we can show you brand new exercises, techniques and stretches to really freshen up your programme.

Try out a new class
If you’re always doing the same routine of classes each week, why not shock your body into trying something new, our brand new HIIT class could be all you need to get over any plateaus your stuck in; for more information on classes see our timetable.

Use our exciting new USN product range
USN is a worldwide recognised product range and we are very excited to have it in stock, whether your goal is to increase endurance, become stronger or just improve general health USN has the products to help nutritionally get you there.

Membership Open Day

This weekend we are holding a membership open day why not take the opportunity to pop over, take a look at our facilities, chat to our instructors and really kick start your winter training.

29th September – Membership Open Day
11am – 3pm

Bring along family members, friends and colleagues interested in becoming a member.

  • Special membership offers available on the day
  • File and paint mini treatments
  • Show around of the facilities
  • Chat to our instructors about the types of classes we offer
  • Advice on personal training.

James Beldam
Senior Fitness Instructor

Summer Body Workout

Looking for that summer body? Here are some simple steps to help you out…

Step 1: Cardio
The key to a great body is cardiovascular exercise. This can be walking, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. The harder you work your body, the more calories will be burnt and your fat percentage will drop.
Suggestion: Find yourself a training partner, this will help keep you motivated and try to make it fun for both of you.

Step 2: Core
Any sort of cardio work will help improve your core, but if you want a toned stomach for summer here are some simple exercises to help you…

  • Crunches:
    (Targets the upper part of your abs) The crunch is a simple movement, simply lie down on a padded surface and bend your knees. Slightly raise your shoulders off the floor and bring yourself up until your can feel your ab’s contract. I would suggest starting with 2 sets of this exercise with around about 10-12 repetition. Have a 30 second break in between sets.
  • Leg Raises:
    (Targets the lower part of your ab’s) The next exercise I want you to try is the ‘Leg Raise’. This is another simple movement but is very effective to strengthen up your core. Lie down on a flat surface and place your arms by your side. Slowly start to raise your legs up in the area till they are at a 90’ degree angle from your body then slowly bring them back down. Start with 2 sets of 10-12 reps.
  • Oblique Heel Touches:
    This exercise will be working on your oblique muscles. Once again lie on your back and bring your knees up towards you. Next you need to bring your shoulders up off the floor. Slide one of your arms down the side of your body to touch your heel. Come back up and now repeat it on the other side. Touching both heels will class as one repetition. Repeat this 10-12 times for 2 sets.

Step 3: Strength Exercises

  • Leg Exercises:
    (2 sets, 10-12 reps)
    Squats – this can be done with either body weight or a barbell. Place your feet shoulder width apart and slowly lower yourself down like you are sitting on a chair. Make sure you keep your chin up and back straight. Bring yourself down as low as possible then raise back up to the top. (Muscles Used: Glutes and Hamstrings)
  • Chest Exercise:
    (2 sets 10-12 reps)
    Press Up – This is a simple exercise that can be performed by anyone. There is two versions to it, one is harder than the other.
    1) Bring yourself down onto the floor so your hands can support your weight as you lower yourself down. 
    2) Instead of having straight legs when you perform the exercise, drop yourself down onto your knees for a slightly easier version.
  • Arm Exercises:
    (2 sets 10-12 reps)
    Bicep Curl – This exercise can be done with dumbbells or barbells. Hold the dumbbells by your side and slowly bring it up towards you. Make sure when you bring your arm up, you bend through the elbow and twist your hands so your palm is facing up.
  • Dips:
    This exercise can be done anywhere… Bottom of stairs or anywhere that is secure enough to take your body weight. Face away from the surface you are going to lean up against and place your hands down and support your weight. Slowly lower yourself down then back up again. Keep your arms close and tight to your body
  • Back Exercise:
    Bent Over Row (2 sets 10-12 reps)
    For this exercise you will need to use a barbell. When picking the weight up off the floor you will need to bend your knees and keep your back straight when lifting. Bend your top half of your body forward and stick your bum out. Start to pull up the barbell up towards you and slowly lower it back down towards the floor.

At Donnington Valley Health club we have a range of classes to suit all abilities. Stop by for more information on our range of memberships or take a look at our website.

Fitness Team
Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa

Running Club

Come Join the Running Club

During the winter most of us prefer to stay in the gym and keep our running for the treadmill, but as spring is here why not test your fitness outdoors. Donnington Valley Health Club provides you the opportunity to do this. During the upcoming months the weather will brighten up and will provide great conditions to train outside.

Every Tuesday morning we run our ‘Running Club’. This was set up so members could enjoy the beautiful surroundings that the Donnington area provides as well as keeping fit.

Most Common question asked: I’m not the strongest of runners can I still attend? The simple answer is yes. We often have members with different levels of fitness ability or running experience within the group and the fitness instructor will constantly run between groups to check on each member individually.

Why Run Outdoors?
While running on a treadmill offers fitness and calorie burning benefits that are similar to outside running, you don’t get any wind resistance and the surface you are running on is completely flat. The outdoor environment causes the body to work harder as you will be constantly adjusting your body weight as you run over different terrain. This will improve core strength that is vital to any type of workout.

If you have any enquiries about the class please contact a member of our fitness team and see our website for details of membership packages available.

Kind Regards

The Fitness Team

Circuits Class

Hope your new years resolutions are going well.

Here is a video of Eric explaining what is involved in a circuits class. Just one of the classes available to members at Donnington Valley Health Club.


What’s involved in a circuits class?

Each circuits class is an hour long and starts with a spinning warm-up . Then, each person picks their first station performing the exercise for 30-45 seconds. There’s just enough time to have a breather (15 seconds) before moving to the next station. Once you’ve completed a whole round, it’s time for another 5 minutes of spinning before the second round of the circuit begins. The class ends with a short abdominal workout and some stretching.

Benefits of circuits classes

  • Works all parts of the body
  • Exercising as a group – increasing motivation and team spirit
  • Personalised advice from an instructor on how to avoid past bad habits
  • High intensity interval training makes you burn calories up to 48 hours after the workout

Why not join us for one of our circuits classes are currently taking place from 6 -7pm on Mondays and from 10 -11am on Sundays?

To enquire about Health Club memberships at the Donnington Valley Health Club & Spa, call 01635 551188 or send an email tohealthclub@donningtonvalley.co.uk.