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Join the Zumba Party

Created in the 90’s by celebrity fitness trainer and choreographer Alberto Perez from Colombia. Zumba, which means ‘ to move fast and have fun’ in Spanish, was created taking inspiration from traditional salsa, meringue and samba dance styles, combined with intense Latin music tracks.

Zumba has been one of the fastest growing fitness classes all around especially in the USA and is now taking the UK by storm. It is a fun, energetic and easy to follow class with body benefits that everyone will love.

With classes now starting at Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa Zumba is right on your doorstep. It is a perfect class to come along with your friends and family and have fun for an hour whilst having a work out at the same time.

5 reasons to do Zumba:

One: It is a fitness class like no other. One hour that will make you smile and laugh with a routine is easy to follow without becoming boring as the steps and moves are so varied.

Two: It’s a fitness class which works your body but feels like fun. Whilst with friends and family having fun, this class can seriously change and sculpture your body. Bring on the Bikini’s!

Three: Build up your stamina. Want to get stronger? Zumba classes will strengthen your core and it exercises all parts of your body.

Four: It is perfect for people with all levels of fitness. You can manage the class at your own pace and build up your strength and stamina class after class.

Five: Want to move your hips like the ladies in strictly come dancing? As Zumba is based on salsa, merengue and samba you will enjoy a class full of Latin rhythms. Shaking your hips from side to side before you know it, it will become part of your life!

So come on down to Donnington Valley hotel & Spa and enjoy some party time!


Nail colours to put a spring in your step

As spring has now started I thought I would give you some ideas of my favourite trends on nail polishes this season.

Spring 2011 is bringing a different type of look for spring; normally it brings a fresh look for nail colours, typically light and pastel tones.  For this year we are seeing rich peachy tones of pink, metallic greys, luxurious purples and bright blues.

Below are a few of the colours that I love and that we also available here at Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa.

  • Nudes –A nude tone elongates your hands and can goes with any style. The tip is to get a polish with a high-gloss formula or use a glossy top coat, so they don’t look fake.
  • Hint of Blue – For Spring go for a pale shade like a baby blue, it will match perfectly with jeans.
  • Peachy Pink – Going on holiday? This colour works brilliantly with a spring tan, so pop this one into your luggage!
  • Lavender – This colour will work perfectly with all skin tones. A great shade to wear all year round. In spring the lighter purple tones works best but perhaps use a darker shade on your toes.
  • Gun-Metal – Grey can be a tricky colour to wear, however with the metallic’s this season you can’t go wrong! The metallic’s this spring will give your nails a beautiful finish, ideal to wear for a night out.
  • Topcoat – Topcoats are a must! It gives your nails an extra edge, the look of luxurious nails that will shimmer in the sun- a must buy!
  • At Donnington Valley Spa we have a wide range of nail polishes available, so when you are next driving past do pop in and take or look, or even better treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure with our spa team.http://www.donningtonvalley.co.uk/spa_handsfeet.asp

See you soon

Hannah Henley
Spa Director
Spa Professional of the Year 2010