How The Weather Affects The Game of Golf

Playing the game of golf is affected by many variations but the main one is the weather and the UK weather in particular. Our weather can be wet, cold, hot, frosty and windy or a combination of a couple of these, which can make the game even trickier.


If you play golf during the summer, then besides having to make sure you keep yourself cool and well hydrated while protecting against sunburn, you also need to adjust your game and the shots you play.

The temperature of the golf ball also makes it travel differently due to the rubber used to make the ball, due to its density. A golf ball will travel further when warm due to its resiliency and also provide more spin, which with a ‘draw shot’ will increase its distance even further.

The counter to this is when the air is thick, either by rain or cold air, and the ball will travel less distance, so it is important to select the correct club for a certain distance based on changes in the weather and the air’s temperature. You may have to hit a club or two longer to cover the normal distance you would hit in the warm summer months.

Also when it is warmer the course conditions also change; the fairways and approaches become firmer, so the ball travels much further once it hits the ground. Therefore you need to factor this in before selecting the club you will hit and maybe use a shorter iron.

So why not come along and test your summer golfing ability on our beautiful 18 hole parkland course?