The Royal Wedding

What wonderful weather we have had for weddings! Over my last 4 years here I have seen it all from snow covered roof tops to waterlogged locations.  So how lovely that so far all our spring weddings have been able to enjoy this wonderful sunshine. Luckily we have plenty of space to cater for all eventualities, but if only I could help order the weather my brides would like!

I am of course keeping my fingers crossed for the most high profile Royal wedding of my generation to get the same weather. Kate and William are bucking several royal wedding traditions, which only proves to all the couples out there, that they have the control over their big days and that being flexible to get the day that they want is key.

Of course the royal wedding theme has expanded in more than that of Kate and Williams attitudes, large ranges of street party memorabilia has been released mostly in the traditional red, white and blue for those wanting a true British feel. The real details of the wedding of course are still under wraps but it is anticipated that she will be keeping things simple, sleek and elegant, something that will be swiftly fashionable and duplicated after the 29th.

Dress and cake makers are poised at the ready to help couples with replicas as soon as they can. To celebrate at Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa we will be showing the ceremony on the Mezzanine at 11am and for those who want to make a weekend of it, we have created a special Royal wedding celebration package please take a look at our website for details.

So to all those brides out there trying to stick to tradition, keep everyone happy and do it all themselves, remind yourself that Kate and William have managed to have what they wanted and kept some of the most demanding parents on the planet happy. With their own wedding planner Lady Elizabeth helping them with the logistics and pressures, I am glad in my own downsized way to be able to do the same for our brides and grooms in the effort to make all our brides, the princess of their very own weddings.

Beth Willis
Senior Events Co-coordinator Donnington Valley Hotel & Spa