A day out in London

Day out in London and the chance to train up our taste buds.

On Monday 11th February our Sommelier, Chris Neeves invited Josh, Jenna, Olga and I from the food and beverage department to attend an annual tasting, featuring Hallgarten Druitt and Novum Wines at the Dorchester Hotel, London. They were celebrating over 80 years of experience, and showing over 80 different winemakers, throughout the world. A great chance to train our tastebuds with a wide variety of wines on offer.

We had the opportunity to taste some brand new wines that aren’t even available yet. I was impressed by the 2011 Remote Blanco Toscana, 50% Vermentino and 50% Trebbiano from Tuscany, it’s fermented in stainless steel tanks, and will be coming into stock this month. It has a fresh and neutral taste, which I found very versatile and would work well with fish, pasta and even with a nice BBQ, on a summer’s day.

During the day there was an announcement for a wine tasting master class, offering the freedom to take your time to study and enjoy a variety of wines. We all rushed up there and luckily managed to get ourselves a space.

The master class featured wines from Gerard Bertrand, one of the most dynamic and brilliant winemakers from the South of France. He owns no less than seven estates; a variety of 30 different types of grapes and in 2012 was named the European winery of the year. We tasted wines from 2012 right back to 1974. My favorite was the 2011 Cigalus IGP Aude-Hauterive White. It was very floral with honey and lime flavors, with a smooth texture and a beautiful lingering finish.

Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who gets the opportunity to attend. It opened all our eyes to what else is out there and provided the chance to try some unique and interesting flavors.

Becky Povey
Private Dining Manager