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Jessica Nails

Jessica’s unique nail care philosophy is behind each and every product of the extensive Jessica Cosmetics line that offers products specifically targeted to treat each different nail type.

The Jessica Nail Care System is about promoting the wellbeing of the natural nail. The System is a synthesis of technique, philosophy and products. Any man or woman can achieve healthy nails with proper care and maintenance.

We offer a large number of the kaleidoscope of Jessica nail colours. All Jessica Manicure and Pedicure treatments include a complimentary Midi Size Nail Colour.

Jessica Natural Nail Care

Jessica Manicure

40mins | £44 / £54

A nail consultation with cuticle work and a hand massage, completed with a colour of your choice.

Jessica Luxury Manicure

55mins | £53 / £63

The Jessica Manicure with a little added luxury. The hands are treated to 10 minutes in heated mittens to help moisturise and ease tension.

Jessica Deluxe Manicure

1hr 10mins | £61 / £71

A facial for the hands and nails, commencing with the La Remedi cleanse and exfoliation, followed by the Luxury Manicure. An intensive liposome treatment is then used with the heated mittens. A mask follows and the treatment is completed by the colour of your choice.

La Remedi Mini Hand Treatment

25mins | £32 / £37

A mini facial for the hands, cleanse, exfoliation, followed by an intensive massage and completed with a rejuvenating mask.

(Colour is not included in this treatment.)

Jessica Pedicure

55mins | £52.50 / £62.50

Choose between Calming Green Tea, Energising Ginger or Revitalising Citrus products for this pedicure. The cuticle work is carried out and heated booties are used to aid circulation and nourish the feet. The treatment is completed with the colour of your choice.

Jessica Luxury Pedicure

1hr 10mins | £61.50 / 71.50

A vital therapy for the stress of modern life this treatment adds a mask to our standard Jessica pedicure. While the heated booties are nourishing your feet, lay back and enjoy a top to toe massage programme on our Sanyo massage chair. Treatment is completed with the colour of your choice.

File and Paint – Fingers or Toes

25mins | £28 / £33

Shaping of the nails followed by the application of the colour of your choice.

Jessica Geleration

The beauty of Jessica, in a Gel! With the health of the natural nail in mind, Geleration’s gel formula delivers a long lasting, flawless finish that’s dry in seconds and protects the natural nail. Geleration is available in Jessica’s most popular colours.

Geleration Gel Overlay Manicure

55mins | £51.50 / £61.50

Includes a hand exfoliation, massage, cuticle care and nail shape finished with Jessica’s Geleration gel polish.

Geleration Gel Overlay Deluxe Manicure

1hr 10mins | £67.50 / £77.50

Includes the benefits of the luxurious La Remedi Hand Treatment. Your hands with be smoother, silkier and firmer. Cuticles will be cared for, nails will be shaped and finished with Jessica’s Geleration gel polish.

Geleration Gel Nail Shape and Polish

25mins | £42.50 / £47.50

Nails are filed, shaped and finished with Jessica’s Geleration gel polish.

Geleration Sculpted Nails (per nail)

10mins | £8.50 / £13.50

Sculptured nails are formed with gel in line with the shape of the natural nail. No tips are applied. This gives the option of extending the natural nail if desired. The nails do need to be a certain length for this treatment to be carried out, please check with one of our therapists if this is suitable for you.

Geleration Gel Overlay Pedicure

55mins | £59.50 / £69.50

Choose from either Calming Green Tea, Energising Ginger or Revitalising Citrus for this luxurious foot and leg treatment. Hard skin is removed, feet and legs are massaged with conditioning creams. Cuticles are groomed, toe nails are shaped and finished with Jessica’s Geleration Gel Polish.

Gel Removal (prior to a Geleration Manicure or Pedicure)

25mins | £8.75 / £18.75

Nail upgrade colour to Phenom - £6.85

We recommend the gel is removed every 2 to 3 weeks before a further application of gel. This allows for a change of colour if required and to keep the nails looking and feeling healthy.

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